SETI@Home to stop distributing work units

On March 31, the volunteer computing part of SETI@home will stop distributing work and will go into hibernation.

SETI@Home is doing this for two reasons:

1) Scientifically, they are at the point of diminishing returns; basically, they have analyzed all the data we need for now. Read more »

GPUUG Member Helps Discover Gamma Ray Pulsar with Einstein@Home

The GPU Users Group's very own member, Delty, was one of a handful of volunteers who helped discover 13 new Gamma-ray Pulsars during Einstein @ Home's latest survey for these pulsars, or "FGRP4" deep sky objects, using data from NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope. Read more »

Green Bank Project SERENDIP GPUs - THANK YOU!

Thank you to all of the generous donors who gave to this fund-raiser, especially Mr. Kevvy, who gave matching contributions for a large part of the total donations and got the campaign completed.
  Read more »

Winter 2013 Fund Raising Campaign

Hello all,

The winter 2013 fund raising campaign is well underway and this year your donations will help kick-start an exciting new project. If you haven't donated to the SETI@Home project yet, now is a great time to do so, and your generous donation could be tax deductible. Read the official announcement here -

Oct 13, 2012 SETI Annual Fundraiser

Hello Everyone,

As a quick reminder, SETI at Home is conducting its annual fundraiser.  You can read the notice from SETI here:

We're happy to help SETI at Home here at the GPUUG by taking direct donations for SETI via your donation medium of choice.  100% of all funds collected for SETI at Home are donated in kind to SETI minus applicable Paypal fees. Read more »

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