Direct Donations for SETI@Home

The GPU Users Group is now accepting direct donations for SETI at Home.  Below are some specifics on how the process works, payment types accepted, conveyance and so forth.


How we process these donations:

  • Direct donations for SETI at Home are collected in a specific fund and will not be used for projects such as our fundraisers or general fund.
  • Direct SETI donations will be transferred to SETI at Home at the first of each month utilizing the University of California - Berkeley donation system which can be found at
  • 100% of all direct donations will be transferred to SETI minus Paypal fees.

Direct SETI Donations made via Paypal


  • SETI@home is a nonprofit educational and research organization that relies heavily on donations to continue its work. The GPU Users Group is accepting PayPal donations here on behalf of SETI@Home. If you would instead like to donate directly to SETI at Home using check or credit card via the University of Californa - Berkley please visit SETI@home is a nonprofit educational and research organization as recognized by Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code. SETI@home's tax ID is: EIN: 94-6002123.
  • The GPU Users Group is a charitable, not for profit entity incorporated in the State of Delaware..  We were formed in Delaware on 08/09/2011 and are recognized as a non-profit charitable domestic corporation.   Our file number is 5022479.  For further information on our entity, please visit the Delaware Secretary of State's website at  We have filed for 501(c)(3) status with the Internal Revenue Service and are pending approval.  In accordance with IRS guidelines, the GPU Users Group may operate as a 501(c)(3) entity while pending approval from the IRS and as such, donors may deduct donations made to the GPU Users Group Inc. from their Federal income taxes at this time.  For more information please visit  The GPU Users Group's EIN is 45-2969708.