What we do

Hardware Donations to Date for SETI at Home.

4 Drive SATA Dock which has slots to utilize 3TB SATA drives for Astropulse data transportation (currently connected to the data recorder at the Arecibo telescope).
QTY 6 3TB Hard Drives for Astropulse data transportation.
QTY 4, 2TB SATA Hard Drives (Donated by member Deltoid) for data transportation.
QTY 45, 2TB Seagate Hard Drives for:
SuperMicro JBOD Array for GeorgeM, PaddyM and Oscar which houses the Science Database and Download/Upload related services. http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/forum_thread.php?id=66635
PaddyM Server (Science Database Server)
GeorgeM Server (Upload/Download Server)
Battery Backup for GeorgeM's 3ware 9750-4i4e RAID Card
QTY 5: JBOD Backup Hard Drives
QTY 2: SETI at Home Desktop Workstation
QTY 3: Logitech Mice and Keyboards
QTY 4: 24" Asus Monitors
Raid card with battery backup for PaddyM
QTY 10 Hotswap/Transport hard drive for the JBOD
Mini SAS Controller
KVM for Eric Korpela's office.
Keyboard for Matt Lebofsky
QTY 6: Turtle Hard Drive Transport Cases
QTY 8: Green Bank Telescope Transport 2TB Hard Drives
QTY 36: Hydrogen / SETI Storage Array 2TB Hard Drives
QTY 4: 2TB Transport / General Purpose Hard Drives (Donated by Deltoid)


Hard Drives and Related:
3 Terabyte : 6 Total
2 Terabyte JBOD: 45 Original, 15 Backup/Transport: 60 Total
2 Terabyte Transport: 16 Total
2 Terabyte Hydrogen / SETI Storage Array Hard Drives: 36 Total
Turtle Transport Cases (Capacity 20 per case): 6 Total
Servers and Related
PaddyM Server (Science database)
GeorgeM (Download/Upload services along with NTPCKR and RFI Rejection)
JBOD (Upload/Download services along with Science Database services)
Battery Backup for GeorgeM's RAID card
RAID card with battery backup for PaddyM
Quick Rails for JBOD
Mini SAS Controller
Office Supplies and Related
24" Asus monitors: Total 4
Shuttle Workstation: Total 2
KVM For Eric Korpela's Office
Keyboard for Matt Lebofsky
Logitech Keyboard and Mice: Total 3
4 Dock SATA Hard Drive Dock (Arecibo)
Paper Organizers for Office


^Servers and JBOD awaiting their installation.  Left to right, JBOD, GeorgeM and PaddyM.  (Photo credit Matt Lebofsky)

^Servers and JBOD installed in the closet. GeorgeM is on the right rack, PaddyM on the left rack (note the placards) and the JBOD array is just below the monitor in the picture.  (Photo credit Matt Lebofsky)

^Photo of Matt Lebofsky's office which shows some of our donated equipment including a monitor, keyboard, mouse and new shuttle workstation. (Photo Credit Matt Lebofsky)

^One of our donated shuttle drives in Dan Werthimer's office. (Photo credit Matt Lebofsky).