GPUUG Member Helps Discover Gamma Ray Pulsar with Einstein@Home

The GPU Users Group's very own member, Delty, was one of a handful of volunteers who helped discover 13 new Gamma-ray Pulsars during Einstein @ Home's latest survey for these pulsars, or "FGRP4" deep sky objects, using data from NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope.

"This survey has incorporated many new advances that we learned during our previous investigation of blind search methods," said Holger Pletsch, Project Scientist and Research Group Leader at Einstein @ Home.  "In addition, we were able to utilize the superior "Pass 8" data from the Fermi-LAT team, and search in longer data sets than ever before. In combination, these improvements led to FGRP4 being our most sensitive survey to date."  This brings the total number of gamma-ray pulsars discovered by Einstein@Home volunteers to 18. Further details and plots of all the new discoveries are available here.

Congratulations to everyone who helped locate these objects, it's an incredible achievement!

-=Phil Horney