GPUUG Site Move

Attention GPUUG Members and guests:
The site has gone through a large update to a new content management platform, has moved to a new server, and has been updated with new features, the most notable of which is the ability to make donations on the site.  We currently accept PayPal (you can even donate without a PayPal account using your credit card,) and will soon accept checks and are now accepting checks and money orders.  We also have plans to allow direct donations with your credit card not using PayPal sometime in the future.

October Updates for the GPUUG

Hello everyone,
We received approval from Paypal last week so we can begin accepting donations through our Paypal.  It is likely that we will be changing the Paypal address to in the near future.
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GPU Users Group Becomes a Corporation (9/12/2011)

Hello everyone and thanks for signing up for the GPU Users Group's first newsletter.  Now, onto the good parts.
Due to a series of delays from the Delaware Secretary of State's Office, we are just now receiving our proof of formation documents for the GPU Users Group Inc.  Here are our documents in all of their glory.
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GPU Users Group Inc officially becomes a corporation

August 29, 2011
The GPU Users Group today officially became a non profit corporation in the state of Deleware.  The GPU Users group is currently in the process of preparing and filing our application for status with the IRS, commonly referred to as a 501c3 filing.  This application will take around another week or two to complete as we are currently awaiting documents from the Delaware incorporation filing.  The IRS is currently processing 501c3 applications from February 2011, which suggests that the GPU Users Group, if approved, will enjoy 501c3 status between Feb. 2012 and Apr. 2012.  
Once approved, the GPU Users Group will begin soliciting for funding from a variety of resources in furtherance of our primary directive.
If you have any questions or comments about this release, please contact our Director and attorney Brad at
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