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Fall/Winter 2018 Funding Drive has started.

SETI@Home News - Sun, 2018-11-18 19:42
We've started our 2018 funding drive. Many of you have probably received our email penned by one of our undergraduate researchers. If you can't wait, you can read yours here.

Because we're not yet fully GDPR compliant, we're not sending emails to anyone with an EU/EAA email addresses, anyone who listed an EU/EAA country, or anyone who listed "International" as their country. And, of course, anyone who has opted out of our emails won't get them.

Thanks for your support!
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Account deletion enabled...

SETI@Home News - Sat, 2018-11-10 02:56
We've finally got the BOINC account deletion feature installed and enabled. Account deletion cannot be undone. You'll also need your password and a valid email address for identity verification.

You can access it from your account settings on the web site.
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NASA Technosignatures Workshop Webcast

SETI@Home News - Wed, 2018-09-26 12:36
NASA TV will be livestreaming the Technosignatures workshop at this URL. The workshop is about the numberous ways we could search for extraterrestrial technologies. Many of the Berkeley SETI personnel will be speaking today (Wednesday). The agenda can be found here
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Nebula updates

SETI@Home News - Fri, 2018-09-21 08:25
The development of Nebula, the second and final stage of SETI@home data analysis, has made slow but steady progress. Check out the latest progress report: Improved multiplet-finding.
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