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SETI @ Home Offline Due to Power Failure

Hello Everyone:

I wanted to briefly inform interested parties about the current SETI at Home outage.

The outage occurred on Monday night due to unknown reasons.  The service should be restored Thursday afternoon this week.  It's currently unclear when the project will come back online.  We'll keep everyone updated to any changes.

To follow updates from the University of Berkeley please see


Brad Deauman

May 11, 2012 Update

Hello Everyone,

As of May 08, 2012 the JBOD (Just a Bunch of Drives) our donors provided for the SETI at Home lab has been pressed into service.  Currently the disks slated for our donated server GeorgeM are being used to serve work units to the data processors.  For more on this please see this post by Matt Lebofsky, project scientist for SETI at Home Read more »

Apr. 30, 2012 Update

Hello Everyone:

As tradition dictates, here's an update on what we're up to:

1. We have purchased and delivered QTY 4 ASUS 24" monitors for the SETI at Home lab.  These new monitors should be up and running in the lab by the end of Apr. 30. Read more »

Apr. 20, 2012 Update

Hello Everyone:

Here's the usual update on what we're up to.

1. We're currently working on a fundraiser to purchase quantity 4, 24" monitors for the SETI at Home offices.  These monitors coupled with our previous workstation and computer peripherals (mice and keyboards) fundraisers will put us one step closer to upgrading the lab's equipment.  If you have funds to spare, please consider donating by visiting Read more »

Apr. 09, 2012 Update

Hello Everyone:

Here's a quick update on our current projects:

1. Thanks to our generous donors, we have completed the 10 JBOD Hotswap/Transport hard drives.  As of the time of this posting we have ordered these drives from Newegg.  These drives should be delivered at the end of this week to the SETI labs.  You can view this purchase and follow the tracking information by visiting Read more »

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