Apr. 09, 2012 Update

Hello Everyone:

Here's a quick update on our current projects:

1. Thanks to our generous donors, we have completed the 10 JBOD Hotswap/Transport hard drives.  As of the time of this posting we have ordered these drives from Newegg.  These drives should be delivered at the end of this week to the SETI labs.  You can view this purchase and follow the tracking information by visiting www.gpuug.org/purchases.

2. Last week we purchased a SATA connector that will allow the JBOD to connect directly to the PaddyM server using an existing 3Ware card at the SETI at Home labs.  This connector should alleviate the proprietary issues we were seeing between the JBOD, and the PaddyM / Oscar servers.  We purchased this hardware using existing funds from our General Fund.  This card was delivered today to the SETI at Home labs.  You can view this purchase by visiting www.gpuug.org/purchases.

3. Currently we do not have any projects to work on for SETI at Home however I'm confident we should see new projects available by the end of the week pending approval from SETI.

That's all I have for now.  I would like to extend a warm thank you to our generous donors for helping us improve the infrastructure of SETI at Home.


Brad Deauman - Executive Director : GPU Users Group Inc.