Apr. 20, 2012 Update

Hello Everyone:

Here's the usual update on what we're up to.

1. We're currently working on a fundraiser to purchase quantity 4, 24" monitors for the SETI at Home offices.  These monitors coupled with our previous workstation and computer peripherals (mice and keyboards) fundraisers will put us one step closer to upgrading the lab's equipment.  If you have funds to spare, please consider donating by visiting http://gpuug.org/content/setihome-asus-24-lcd-monitors

2. The 10 JBOD/Hotswap hard drives were delivered to the SETI offices without an issue.  In the near future the lab will be putting these drives through a bit of stress testing to ensure their viability before relying on them for the JBOD hotswap drives.  This is necessary due to poor quality control in the wake of the Thailand flooding which caused a severe global hard drive shortage.

3. We are currently awaiting word from SETI on 3 new projects.  One such project will be the first of several steps we'll take with SETI to improve throughput between the user and the Lab (i.e. faster downloads/uploads). 

That's all I have for now.  Please consider helping us raise funds for the Asus 24" LCD Monitor fundraiser if you're able and have a great weekend!


Brad Deauman - Executive Director - GPU Users Group Inc.