Aug. 03, 2012 Update

Hello Everyone,

First the big news:

1. We've officially been recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 exempt organization.  What this means to our donors is that all donations to our organization in the past and hence forth into the future are deductible from said donor's US Federal taxes.

This is a big step forward for the GPUUG as we can now officially begin soliciting for public and private grants for various scientific research bodies.  Further this should help increase our attractiveness to donors given that by donating to us interested parties can not only help us achieve our goals but can also give themselves a break on their tax burden. 

Here's a picture of our certification letter.  The post it notes are covering sensitive information.

2. We're currently working toward the last stages of creating a partnership with a hardware supplier for the SETI at Home project which, if everything goes as we're hoping, will provide an enormous benefit for the SETI at Home project as well as the processing end users.  More on this next week.

3. We're still raising money for our Green Bank Data Transport package which will provide 20 transport hard drives as well as a protective transport case for these drives.   You can donate toward this project by visiting

4. We are currently working on new projects which we will be hosting within the next two weeks.  These are dependent on the aforementioned partnership but I should know more about these projects around the middle of next week.




Lastly I would like to thank everyone who has supported this project since our inception through your monetary and hardware donations, ideas, moral support and so forth.  Without your support this project would've never left the ground.  You have my most sincere and heartfelt thanks.

That's all I have for now everyone, more as things develop.


Brad Deauman - Executive Director - GPU Users Group Inc.