Dec 14, 2011 Update

Hello Everyone:

Here's a few quick updates:

1. We began taking Paypal direct donations for SETI at Home around 48 hours ago and since that time, we have collected 45 donations for a total of $845 for SETI at Home.  We're extremely proud of this response from our generous donors.

2. In order to get the Supermicro RAID array our donors purchased for SETI at Home up and running, the SETI team has requested QTY 24 2 TB hard drives to test the raid array.  As a result, we have purchased and shipped these 24 drives.  You can track the progress of this purchase by visiting

3. We have expanded our Hardware Donation section to include more items currently requested by SETI at Home.  If you are interested in donating hardware for the project, please visit

4. We've passed the half way point in our 2TB Hard Drive fundraiser.  In order to get the RAID array up and running at full strength, we need to finish populating it with the remaining 21 hard drives.  If you'd like to help us populate this array, please consider donating at

5. We've raised $2663 towards the Dedicated Astropulse/NPTCKR server.  We still have a ways to go on this one, however even the smallest donation helps us reach our goal.  Please consider helping us build this new server by visiting

Thanks everyone.

-Brad Deauman Executive Director GPU Users Group Inc.