Dec. 21, 2011 Update

Hello Everyone:

Here's a bit of news:

1. As of today, SETI at Home has everything they need on hand to implement and test the 45 drive JBOD our donors have provided SETI.  They have on hand the JBOD and 24 2TB drives to get the machine up and testing.  I've no idea how long it will take the SETI at Home team to shake the JBOD out like they like it, but the good news is it will soon be up and running to make things smoother at SETI.

2. Member Thomas Arnold donated $1,000 to the Astropulse server and a further $109 toward the remaining RAID drives today.  That puts us quite a large step closer to providing a new AP server for SETI.  My hat's off to him for his overwhelming generosity.

3. Our webmaster Phil has donated 4 2TB drives to the SETI project which arrived at the SETI at Home offices yesterday.

4. The 6 3TB hard drives our donors purchased for SETI at Home have been delivered.  This should be seen as good news for our Astropulse crunchers as these donated drives will provide more data for them to process.

5. I'm not sure that I've mentioned this before, but upon completion of either the Astropulse server or the RAID hard drive fundraisers, we will open up a fundraiser for a new, custom built download server for SETI at Home.  The components for this server can be found on our hardware donation page at  We've decided not to run the download server fundraiser concurrently with the RAID/AP fundraisers as we would really like to complete either of these projects and deliver them to SETI ASAP.  The RAID array was #1 on the SETI wish list, followed by the AP server at #2.

Lastly, please consider helping us out with our current projects.  If you can only spare $5, please send that along as $5 at a time helps us steadily advance toward our goal of providing the SETI at Home community a more stable project backbone.

Thanks everyone.  I hope you and yours have a great holiday filled with eggnog (my personal favorite), family and friends.


Brad Deauman - Executive Director: GPU Users Group Inc.