Dec. 29, 2011 Update

Hello Everyone,

Here's a quick update on the project:

1. We're currently $1630USD away from finishing our 45 Enterprise Class 2TB Hard Drive project.  If you can spare a donation to this project, please consider doing so as we're very near our goal and further upon completion of this project we will begin a new project for SETI at Home during which we will be building SETI at Home a new Download server.

2. We've seen a great response for our Paypal Donations Direct to SETI fundraiser.  We've raised $3926USD at the time of this newsletter which will net SETI at Home a hefty check even after Paypal fees.  We were surprised at the overwhelming response to this feature and are truly thankful to our donors for making this project such a success.

That's all the news we have for this week.  Please consider helping us finish out the Hard Drive project so we can furnish SETI at Home with a fully populated RAID array as soon as possible.  

Happy Holidays!

Brad Deauman - Executive Director : GPU Users Group Inc.