Feb. 14, 2012 Update

Hello Everyone:

Below are several updates on the status of the GPU Users Group and our projects.


Graham's Donation

Graham Middleton has donated a very large sum of money to the GPU Users Group. This sum is large enough to finish off both the Astropulse/NTPCKR server as well as the Upload/Download server projects.

Graham's donation has also allowed us, coupled with the overwhelming generosity of all of our donors combined, to have quite a nice nest egg which will be applied in full toward our next projects and as a result, allowing us to complete our future projects more quickly.

We are truly honored that Graham chose us as the medium to turn tragedy into tangible good. Our collective hats are off to him along with our sympathy for his loss.


Astropulse/NTPCKR and Download/Upload Server

We have reached and in fact surpassed the fundraising goals for both the Astropulse and Upload/Download servers. As a result:

1. Our corporate sponsor NKOL has ordered the necessary components for both servers in order to have them completed in the most expeditious manner possible.

2. We will be paying for both servers in full once the funds settle into our bank account which should occur on 02/14/20120 or 02/15/2012.

3. I will be updating this thread as well as the http://www.gpuug.org website as the server builds progress. I will also be following up with tracking information at http://www.gpuug.org/purchases

4. Lastly the two server names will be GeorgeM and PaddyM (named after Graham's parents).


Current Projects and Future Projects:

1. As I mentioned above, we have finished our two current server projects. These will be delivered to SETI at Home as soon as our corporate sponsor NKOL can receive the necessary components and build the servers.

2. Unfortunately, we do not have any backup projects to work on. The sudden completion of these two servers has left us at a brief stall. Per my phone call with Eric last week, Eric, Jeff and Matt will be getting together this week when Matt gets back in the office to hash out our future projects.

3. In the mean time, if you would like to donate directly to SETI at Home please visit http://www.gpuug.org/donatecash. You can also donate hardware at http://www.gpuug.org/donatehardware or send in a donation to our general operating fund by visiting, http://www.gpuug.org/catalog/28


Update on previously completed projects

1. Hard Drives and SATA Dock: The 6 3TB hard drives our donors supplied to SETI have been pressed into service transporting Astropulse data to and from the observation sites and SETI at Home. The new SATA dock which allows the SETI team to accommodate the larger 3TB drives will be utilized to transfer this data into the SETI hardware. Additionally the four 2TB hard drives donated by Phil our web admin have also been pressed into similar service.

2. JBOD: The JBOD array is awaiting the finishing touches from Matt et al at SETI at Home, which will likely occur next week once Matt is back in the office. I'll be bugging him for updates on this project as they come. Additionally the JBOD will be hooked up to the new Upload/Download server and will house the entire science DB which should significantly help smooth out throughput issues with the project. For more on this, please visit http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/forum_thread.php?id=66635 and http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/forum_thread.php?id=66044&nowrap=true#1179009.


A Note About Cumulative Donations and our Donor Pool

I would like to briefly extend a warm thank you to all of our donors. Without the generosity of all of our combined donors, we could not have reached the level of progress we currently are enjoying today.

Each donation we receive puts us one step closer toward reaching our goals. We are truly grateful to each and every donor who takes the time out of their day and money out of his or her wallet to help us help SETI. Without the generosity of all of our donors, I'd be just a guy with a plan that would have never born fruit. I owe all of you many beers and you have my heartfelt gratitude.

Server Building

NKOL has ordered all of the necessary components for the two new servers.  These parts should land at the NKOL offices this week.  Once the server components arrive NKOL will begin building the two new servers for SETI at Home.  I will keep everyone updated as to the status of the server building process as things unfold.

Thank you for your interest in the GPU Users Group.