GPU Users Group Becomes a Corporation (9/12/2011)

Hello everyone and thanks for signing up for the GPU Users Group's first newsletter.  Now, onto the good parts.
Due to a series of delays from the Delaware Secretary of State's Office, we are just now receiving our proof of formation documents for the GPU Users Group Inc.  Here are our documents in all of their glory.

These documents show we were legally filed in the State of Delaware as of 08/09/2011.
Now that we have these documents in hand, we will be able to get the ball rolling on our primary objectives.
In the next week we will be:
1. Opening our bank account for the organization.
2. Fulfilling our contractual obligations with Paypal which has generously provided us with a 501c3 Paypal Account which will reduce the fees charged by the Paypal Corporation.  This will enable us to keep our overhead low thus allowing us to allocate more money toward our objectives.
3. Filing our application for 501c3 status with the I.R.S.
4. Continuing work on our website and its Paypal interface.  Special thanks for this should go to our webmaster Phil for his donated time and talents in establishing and improving our website.
5. Most interestingly, we intend to start two separate fundraisers for the SETI at Home group.  These fundraisers will be directed at a massive RAID array of 45 drives, accompanying hard drive docks with which to feed this array and similar hardware.  We are testing the viability of running multiple, simultaneous fundraisers concurrently with this project.  More on this to come in the future.
This week should be busy and productive for the GPUUG.  I'll be sending out another newsletter this weekend with a wrapup of this week's progress.
In the meantime if you have any questions, comments or similar, please don't hesitate to contact me via the information below.
Brad Deauman
Director - GPU Users Group Inc.