adds i18n default languages and translation options

As an international organization, the GPUUG is fortunate enough to have many members from around the globe supporting its operations.  In an effort to more effectively serve its global population, two new language translation options have been added to the web site, which you can see on the left sidebar.

The top option selects the native site language, which uses human-translated i18n strings to display module information, site menus, and headers in the selected language.  Registered users can change their default language by visiting their profile page.  If you don't see your language listed, please email your request to and we will be happy to include your language.

The second option is real-time content translation, which translates all of the pages, posts and forum content using the TranslateThis service, which relies on Microsoft and Google translation engines.  Once you select your language on the translate bar, it will automatically translate any additional pages you visit on this site.

Together, these two options can be used to provide a reasonable translation of the entire site to a variety of languages.