Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Hello everyone,

For our Thanksgiving update, I wanted to put out a quick update to inform everyone of the current status on our two fundraisers.

As it stands, we are $4999 away from having the required funds to fill the RAID Array for SETI at Home.  The RAID box and the set of quick rails have been delivered to the SETI at Home offices, all that remains now is to fill the array with 2TB Hard Drives.  Until we fill the RAID Array with hard drives, it's just a fancy box, so if you can spare a donation, please do so to help us complete this project.

Looking now at the dedicated Astropulse server, we're currently $6,999 away from completion on this fundraiser thanks to our generous donors.  Once this project is completed and delivered, SETI at Home will use this server to process Astropulse, RFI and NPTCKR data like never before.

That's all I have for now.  Thank you as always for your support and interest in the project.


Brad Deauman - Executive Director: GPU Users Group Inc.