Jan. 17, 2012 Update

Hello Everyone:

I apologize for putting this update out so soon after the most recent one however we've some big news:

1. Thanks to our generous donors, we have completed raising funds in full for the JBOD RAID for SETI at Home.  As a result we ordered the remaining 21 hard drives on Monday Jan 16, 2012.  I suspect these drives will arrive at the SETI at Home offices next week.  A big thanks go out to our donors who worked hard on making this project a success.  The JBOD project involved the RAID box itself, a set of quick installation rails and 45 2TB drives so it's been quite the road to travel.

2. We have begun collecting funds for a new Download and Upload server for the SETI at Home team.  This new server will replace several aging and ailing servers at SETI at Home and should greatly aid workflow at SETI.

If you would like to track the progress of the 21 RAID drives as they travel to the SETI at Home offices, please visit www.gpuug.org/purchases.  If you would like to help us make progress on either the Astropulse or Download servers, please donate by visiting www.gpuug.org/catalog.

Thanks everyone,

Brad Deauman - Executive Director GPU Users Group Inc.