May 17, 2012 Update

Hello Everyone:

Here's a newsletter to let everyone know about our new projects.

1. Project One is a test run of hard drive transport cases.  Currently SETI at Home is using only the original cardboard and foam boxes the drives were originally purchased in.  In light of this we have decided to purchase two QTY 20 hard drive cases for them to try out.  These cases are made by the Turtle Company and are airtight, crushproof, filled with anti static slotted foam and are pressure regulated.

2. I would like to also point out that our Corporate Sponsor NKOL, via its CEO Ben Hanks has donated one of the above cases to SETI at Home.  At the completion of the above fundraiser the Lab will have 3 cases with which to test before we go about getting them more of the same cases.  These will significantly improve the longevity of our data transport drives as they travel from Lab to Telescope and back again.

3. Project Two is a low priority fundraiser intended to provide SETI at Home with QTY 20, 2tb 7200RPM 64MB transport drives.  This fundraiser will also provide one of the above Turtle cases to transport these drives to the Greenbank Telescope and back to the Lab.  To donate to this fundraiser please visit


Updates from the GPUUG on future projects:

1. We're currently awaiting specs from the Lab for a very large project that will ultimately be the largest project the GPUUG has undertaken.  I can't release more information about this one just yet, but when it's released we will be chopping this large project up into a series of smaller fundraisers as we progress with the build.  More on this soon.  I would like to extend a word of thanks to Phil Horney, Eric Korpela and Jason Groothuis for their help in refining our initial specs for these systems.

2. We are also awaiting specs for a new high capacity switch for the server closet that should reduce the number of lost connections within the SETI at Home project.  Once we get the specs in hand we'll start fundraising for this new switch.

That's all I have for now.  I apologize for the recent flood of newsletters hitting your inbox however I tend to err on the side of keeping our interested parties as well informed as I can.


Brad Deauman - Executive Director: GPU Users Group Inc.