May 24, 2012 Update

Hello Everyone,

Here's a brief update on what we're up to:

1. Our donated server GeorgeM has been pressed into service a bit further.  Currently it is handling NTPCKR and RFI services, File Deletion and soon will begin serving as the main download server for SETI at Home.  On May 22, the Lab attempted to have GeorgeM serve as the main download server however the Apache software barfed.  This was likely a factor of Apache being turned up too high, the machine running large NTPCKR and RFI projects while running two large science database backups.  The Lab will be tweaking the software for our next test run.

The hopes are that GeorgeM will be able to retire Vader and Anakin, the two current aged download servers.  I'll post more news on GeorgeM's implementation once I hear something back from the lab.

2. Our other donated server, PaddyM is currently running solo.  This server has experienced a few issues with the NFS configuration mounts though these issues have largely been resolved.  PaddyM will likely transition into the main Science Database Server in the coming month with Oscar taking over PaddyM's planned role of a compute server.  This switch was necessitated by HP proprietary issues between Oscar and our donated JBOD.

3. PaddyM's hard drives have arrived from Greenbank chock full of data.  It will take a week or so of lab time to download and store this data.  After this the drives will be mounted in our donated JBOD for good on the side of the JBOD slated for PaddyM.  I would also like to point out that our recently donated 3Ware RAID card and battery backup was used successfully to connect PaddyM to the JBOD. 

4. Our donors have purchased two 20 drive Turtle Cases for the SETI Project.  These cases will be used to protect transport drives as they travel between Arecibo/GreenBank and the lab.  These cases are light yet sturdy and should help protect our transport drives much more effectively than the current cardboard and foam boxes currently in use.  I would also like to thank our corporate sponsor NKOL for donating an additional case to SETI.  Our hats are off to NKOL for their continued support of our project.

5. We're still raising money for 20 dedicated Greenbank transport drives and their accompanying turtle case.  You can donate to this project by visiting

That's all I have for now, thanks everyone!