November 5, 2011: GPUUG's First Fundraiser

Hello Everyone:

Thanks to the hard work of Phil our Webadmin and everyone involved with the GPU Users Group Inc, I'm proud to announce that we will be running our first fundraiser on November 5, 2011 (Saturday).

The purpose of this fundraiser is twofold: (1) To test our website, donation system, tracking systems, notification systems and systems we didn't think we needed to test and (2) To provide 6 3TB transport drives for SETI at Home to transport large amounts of data between the observation sites and SETI at Home's office.  We will also be providing a multi-card SATA card reader for faster data transfer at the the SETI offices.

Our donation system is now live so feel free to make a donation toward the 3TB drive project.  Each donation you make, no matter how small, helps us shake out the system.  If you'd like to make a large donation, hey that's great too.

Thanks everyone for their hard work up to this point and here's to hoping our first fundraiser goes smoothly.


Brad Deauman - Executive Director GPU Users Group Inc.