Oct 06, 2012 Update With Fundraiser News

Hello Everyone,

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we've completed our Green Bank Telescope Transport Drive Package fundraiser.  

As of the time of this newsletter we've raised:

Total Raised: $1999.43

We'll be ordering the 20 GBT transport drives today along with the transport Turtle case.  You can follow these purchases by visiting www.gpuug.org/purchases


In light of this blowout response by our donors, our organizer Kevin has offered to continue his matching policy toward our Hydrogen Survey / SETI Storage Array fundraiser.  Currently this fundraiser needs only 15 more hard drives to be fully funded.

Total needed: $1800.00

Total raised (as of the time of this newsletter): $145.00

Total remaining: $1655.00


You can donate to this campaign by the following methods:

1. By donating to our general pool http://www.gpuug.org/content/setihome-hydrogen-survey-seti-storage-array...

2. By making a cash equivalent donation for a drive: http://www.gpuug.org/content/cash-4-drive-hitachi-gst-deskstar-7k3000-hd...

3. By donating directly to SETI at Home: http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/sah_donate.php


That's all I have for now everyone.  Thank you sincerely for your generosity in helping us finish out these projects.


Brad Deauman - Director - GPU Users Group Inc.