Pre-Launch Update

Hello Everyone:

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our donors, our SATA Dock and 6 3TB Hard Drive fundraiser has surpassed its goal even before its official start.  As a result, we have decided that our second fundraiser for SETI, which is slated to begin on Nov 5, 2011, will be for a 45 Drive Raid Array instead of the aforementioned 3TB Hard Drive fundraiser.

The raid array will be a great help to the SETI systems and should help smooth out operations quite a bit.  This array was at the top of the wish list we received from SETI at Home and as a result we're making it our top priority.

Regarding the previous fundraiser, we have already purchased and delivered the SATA dock and upon completion of this fundraiser, will be purchasing the Six 3TB Hard Drives.  One issue we're finding is that due to the recent flooding in Thailand, hard drives are in short supply and the prices are increasing daily.  This simply means that it could be a week or more until we are able to purchase the drives and have them shipped to the SETI offices.  To keep updated on the situation and to view our present/past purchases you can view our page  

Thanks again everyone, I'll be posting another update here shortly.


Brad Deauman - Executive Director: GPU Users Group Inc.