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I first 'did' SETI@home back in the 90's - on a Toshiba laptop - which was in the Classic days. Decided the machine wasn't up to the job and forgot about it for 10 years. Then, sort of stumbled across it again a few years back - the rest is err, well (personal) history.

I've spent time in HM forces, as a system manager, a parachute packer (read 'professional drinker') and as a technical architect for enterprise systems. A professional jack of all trades, and master of none really. I currently work as a postman in rural southwest Scotland and spend most of my time in the great outdoors - being paid to take exercise and drive around some pretty iconic scenery.

I am chair of my local Community Council, and sit on the board of directors of Carrick Futures (a non profit company that hands out Community Benefit Funds 'kindly' donated by energy companies). Don't get me started on why they do this - it'll take hours to explain, but it involves the scurge of the Scottish landscape - wind turbines.

Apart from SETI at home, I run PrimeGrid or GIMPS on my CPU 100% of the time.  PrimeGrid or GIMPS are also my backup projects for GPU work when SETI is down & out. To date, I have found a total of 15 new prime numbers. I really like th thought that my name is attached to them - if I do nothing else in my life, I will leave it knowing those numbers are mine - I'd recognise all 200,000 digits of them anywhere!

Not much else to say really, except that I really like the concept of distributed computing, and specifically the two projects in which I participate. I also think think that the GPUUG is an incredibly dedicated bunch of people, who really do have SETI's best interests at heart.