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Brad Deauman is the Executive Director and founder of the GPU Users Group Inc.

I received my Juris Doctorate in 2011 from the Saint Louis University School of Law.  My duties in the GPU Users Group largely involve my shuffling about of paperwork, promotions, research and similar.

I created the GPU Users Group after becoming a member of the SETI at Home data crunching team known as the GPUUG.  Our directors and officers got together and decided we could help the scientific community in a more direct manner by forming this organization and thusly, here we are today.  I personally feel that through the GPU Users Group, we can help the scientific community pursue their endeavors which seek to benefit all of mankind.

Here's a little bit more about me: I am a former Olympic marksman for the US Olympic Team, an avid book reader, amateur astronomer, attorney and the son of a loving Texan family.

You can reach my twitter at!/bdeauman and you can email me anytime at

Thank you for your interest in the GPU Users Group!