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Phil v3.0 (Current Version)
Phil is currently the Director of Technology at a U.S. university where he researches technology and learning for students, knowledge workers and adult learners in a world dominated by computers. In his work he also builds learning environments for companies who want to train their employees with various software applications to help promote organizational effectiveness and improve performance. In addition to this, he also directs the more mundane tasks of researching technology needs, making recommendations and managing technology implementation projects.
Phil v.2.0
For a number of years Phil worked in the television and film industries for an electronics manufacturer as Manager of Internet Business Operations. The company designed and built TBCs, Synchronizers and Color Correctors for television, built one of the world's first digital disk recorders (DDR) for the Amiga computer, and also built non-linear editing products for television and film, slow-motion capture and playback devices for sports broadcasts, as well as software for compositing and special effects for TV and film. The company's products were and still are used in many television studios around the world, and were used on many television and film productions including Babylon 5, True Lies, Titanic, the Wallace and Gromit short and feature films, The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, and many others.
During his tenure here, Phil designed and implemented a customer relationship management system that converged all of the various means of client communication with the company - phone calls, email, fax, and web - into a single access point for both the client and company employees. This groundbreaking design allowed customers to manage their own contact information and product registration on-line, but also allowed information created by company employees, such as tech support call/resolution information, to be visible to the customer via the same portal. The result was true transparency between the company and its customers.
Phil v1.0
Phil managed a bicycle shop for 12 years and raced bicycles for 7 of those years. During his road racing career he competed at the Category 2 level in races throughout the U.S. When he wasn't racing he ran a 7-node BBS on the Amiga computer and did coding for Ami-Express BBS software along with a number of plug-ins for the BBS. He was involved in graphic art, 3D modeling and programming on the Amiga, and did extensive scripting with AREXX (Amiga REstructured eXtended eXecutor) to manage image manipulation processes across various programs.
Phil's current hobbies include classic gaming (recently restored a “TRON” upright arcade game from 1981,) crunching for S@H, karate (Shorin Ryu) and spending time outdoors with his family.
As his wife will tell you, he's a "professional nerd.”