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Hi all

My name is Kevin Peterson aka Vyper on seti@home. My blog is here .

I'm the founder and the creator of the true origin of GPU Users Group also known as GPUUG at seti@home.

This is not to be confused with GPU Users Group inc, which is the common result of Brads and Phils dedication to go beyond what GPUUG originated of at seti@home.



In the beginning (1999) i had a team called Norrkoping SETI Fanatics and had it until about 2009 when i was the first crazy person on seti@home which built a 4 x GTX295 rig.

That started to drive the nuts out of certain people and i still can remember this thread where it started .

My goal at that time was to put a end of the pissing contest that occured in that thread and while i was at it i could as well use a AMD based system just to prove my point!

That system demolished any cpusystem in it's way at that present day with the performance equivalence of 26 Q6600's CPUs would achieve with the fraction of the required watt usage


It proved to be a total success!

And for a very very long time i had the #1 position in the world at s@h in the Top Host spot with my system.

Those times has long past unfortunately but along the way i've had many posts and messages at s@h asking how i was doing this.

After a while i created the team GPU Users Group and encouraged people with only GPUs to join with the goal to be a highly productive team and hopefully could give the huge teams a small fight. One of the first persons to join was Todd Hebert which unfortunately today has vanished from all my communications and our team. We together was the starter on what GPUUG later became!

We've proven that we're beyond that today with only eighty people as team members, with GPUs a few people actually can make a difference.

We owe that to the graphics chip industry, and i thank them dearly for that a single person like me could have the possibility to prove to the world that GPUs rock!

As of today i starts to wonder if my work has somewhat affected the world around me and if i can be one of those to blame to this GPU revolution that has occured since then? Who knows when i let the numbers actually speak for themselves?


As said numerous times, we couldn't achieve what we have done without you all!

A big warm thank you goes out to all of our members at GPU Users Group!

You can reach me at