Update on SETI @ Home Outage

Here's a quick update on the outage for interested parties:

A 15kV underground power line heading from the campus power substation to the hill that houses the SETI at Home lab shorted out around 2030 on Tuesday night.  PG&E, the local power company, has spent the last two days crawling the line from manhole to manhole looking for the problem.  Apparently while looking for the first short, they managed to cause another short in the line.

PG&E has suggested power should be back working this (Thursday) afternoon however understandably this may not happen on schedule.  Please also keep in mind that it may take some time for the lab to get back into full swing due to this unexpected shutdown.

Thanks go to Dr. Eric Korpela for the above information and for taking the time to fill us in.


Brad Deauman.